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Faux Leather

Pull &Bear Jumper Zara Skirt  H&M Boots After going shopping, what better thing to do other than wearing everything new together? It always makes me feel fab. I finally invested in a new faux leather skirt after my other one was too big. Sad times. I'm so happy I have another one, they are so easy to wear and match with everything. Definitely a A/W staple. Can you tell I'm prepared for winter yet?  Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin  and instagram: amyleehaynes!

They see me haulin'

Oatmeal coloured chunky knit - Primark // Camel/mustard jumper - Pull & Bear // San Francisco Tee- Pull & Bear // Topshop striped shirt // UO Renewal burgundy turtle neck // Zara leather skirt Been awol for a bit but I've done some serious shopping. I'm in the Autumnal mood so it's jumpers galore and a new leather skirt has been added to my wardrobe. They are pretty much my key staples for A/W as I just love being wrapped up and cosy.  What have you been buying recently?  Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin  and instagram: amyleehaynes!

Cold Shoulder

Topshop Casual Cold Shoulder Dress £25 H&M Pointed Toe Boots £29.99 I've been a bit awol during the past week or so. I've been working a lot and have been ill and in my spare time all I've wanted to do is curl up in my blanket and watch Made in Chelsea. However I went shopping and that has motivated me to take some snaps. I bought this dress, which I'm in love with. I really like the cut out shoulder detailing and it's made me realise that I quite like my shoulders. I also couldn't resist buying this boot-iful (sorry) ankle boots. I really love the style and are exactly what I've been looking for. I think it's safe to say I have a bit of a boot addiction.  Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin  and instagram: amyleehaynes!

15 tips for all uni students

I may only have a years worth of experience at uni but I do feel like I've learnt a lot about how to survive uni. Most uni students will be living away from home with a lot more independence than what you're used to and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Whether you're in your first or last year at uni, here are 20 tips on how to cope! Source Budgeting & Money 1.Make a Weekly Budget Each semester work out how much money you will have. Add up all the loans/additional income you will receive. Take off any rent, bills etc. you have to pay to know how much you will have left. Divide this amount by the number of weeks in the semester and try not to spend more than this per week.  2. Easy way to save take £10 off each weekly budget (e.g. so if your budget is £50, lower it to £40). At the end of the semester you will have spare money to use to treat yourself to something nice! 3. Shop cheaply Shop in stores like Lidl and Aldi. It's super cheap bu