Waiting for August

In August I am going to the Cropedy (I think that's how you spell it) festival with my friend for a few days and hopefully (oh so hopefully) I am going to the Fringe festival in Edinburger. Today after all the revision I have done I decided to make a list of things that I need to take with me and included a few pictures from the latest company magazine (the wellies and the girl) because I lack artistic skills as you can tell from the picture of what is supposed to be shorts and knee high socks.

I am getting really excited for these festivals because when I get to go it will mean all my exams for this year are over YAY!! I should find out tonight whether I can go to Edinburgh. The only problem is is that I get back from Cropedy on the 12th and I will have to go to my sister's on the same day and go do Fringe fest the next day. If I can go it will be a hectic 2 weeks. 

Keep  our fingers crossed guys and hope that I can go! 
What festivals are you going to this year?


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