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Folsom Prison Blues

I never thought I would or could be a fan of country music but my boyfriend likes a few Johnny Cash tracks and then we watched Walk the Line and now I'm a convert. I got this t-shirt as a gift from my Boyfriend and it's such a good fit, not too big and not too fitted, just the look I wanted. It's also incredibly soft and comfy so a winner all round, I would say. I of course paired it with my trusty mom jeans which I haven't worn that much of the past few weeks because, well have you seen the crazy hot weather? It's finally cooled down a bit now so I don't have to sleep with the fan on all night just so I don't feel like I'm sleeping in the pits of hell. I would however like bare leg weather to return please!  In other news you may have noticed that there is a change of scenery. I moved out of my student house and I am now living with boyfriend (queue Monica style reaction).  I hope you've all enjoyed the heat and didn't get too burnt

5 Things I learnt from #GIRLBOSS

So I finally finished the #GIRLBOSS book by Sophia Amoruso and I'm in the process of watching the Netflix series. Whenever I flipped through the pages of Sophia's story on starting Nasty Gal from a simple Ebay store, I was filled with inspiration to get off my butt and actually do something, perhaps not exactly what I need when I'm just about to go to sleep but it was pretty damn good nonetheless. Here are 5 things I learnt from the book that will undoubtedly turn me into one hell of a #GIRLBOSS.  1. How to Save Money. I have some pretty big plans that I need to save for and when you don't earn a lot, that can be hard. Sophia imparts wisdom on us all by giving us a life saving saving tip - save 10% of whatever you earn. If you earn £100, save £10, if you earn £1000 save £100 etc. Doing this is better than saving nothing because you think you can't afford it. Saving something is better than nothing and I seriously need to remember that.  2. Do what yo

Living The Adult Life

So despite having finished university and technically having a whole shed load of free time, I have been pretty busy because being an adult is hard, I received my first council tax bill. I've spend the last few weeks working, moving house and looking for jobs related to my degree so I don't feel like I wasted three years and £27k+ of debt. But low and behold I have finally moved house and I am in the process of unpacking those last bits, you know the stuff that never really has a home but you don't want to get rid of them. In one of the boxes with said odds and sods, is the bit to connect my camera to my tripod which is evidently making it hard to take blog pictures. But I will find it and when I do I will blog and that is a promise. In the mean time here's a few snaps from what I've been up to when I'm not working, moving or wallowing in self pity at how rubbish adulting is.  I've pretty much just been enjoying the sunshine and going to sweet little festi

Red Florals

        Primark Dress, Choker & Bag // Zara T-Shirt // Topshop Shoes   Finally the weather has been warm enough to venture out without tights or trousers, can I get a hell yeah? I wore this outfit to Dot to Dot Festival the other weekend where I traipsed across Bristol to see loads of different bands at some of Bristol's best venues. The highlight of the night was of course the band I went there to see and that is Honeyblood who you definitely have to check out if you have never listened to them. If you like angsty girl bands, you'll love them. I chose to wear this super comfy slip dress from Primark which I still love one year on perhaps now more than ever as I am really into the whole red trend at the moment. I popped on this cute white tee underneath as there was a slight cool breeze.  I love how soft this top is but it is so see through that even a nude bra or no bra doesn't even cut it. However it is perfect for wearing underneath slip tees, dresses and