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Some New Pieces

Hello. I picked up a few new pieces over the past few months and have forgotten to share them. I am very much into the whole cardigan as a top trend so I picked this one up from trust ol' Primark along with this blazer which was a mere £5. I definitely want to 'smarten up' my everyday look and a long-ish blazer is a good way to do so. You may have noticed that I am not in that pair of jeans again which can only mean I got some new ones. Well done me. These are the BDG Axyl Jeans and they fit so perfectly. And what way to make a new outfit look better than with my battered Docs.  Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram

22 Facts About Me

I don't know about you but I'm feeling twenty-two-ooooh. Yes it's my 22nd birthday today. Now I know I'm not exactly old or getting anywhere near it but I am noticing changes in my life that can only mean, I'M NOT A KID ANYMORE. I have 4 drinks and I'm wildly hungover the next day, it's a struggle to stay awake past 11pm and I wake up at 7am on my days off. But anyway, in celebration of my birthday I'm going old school so here are 22 facts about me. I live in Bristol and have done for almost 4 years now.  I was born in Birmingham and moved to Lancashire when I was 10.  I have 1 sister and she has a dog.  I'm going to see Arcade Fire next month. I'm also going to see Haim in June so that's 2 favourite bands this year. I have a History degree and I got a damn first, yeah boi.  I want to do a masters but I am going to wait until I know exactly what I want to do before I make that sort of commitment. I am going to go travelling

Leopard & Layers

New Look Coat ( Similar ) // Topshop Skirt ( similar ) // Primark Top, Bag & Earrings // H&M Boots ( similar ) So the snow has finally disappeared and the temperature has gone back to above 0 again. Whilst I don't have to go out in 5+ layers just so I can continue to feel my body parts, layers are still needed. I've had this white Primark turtle neck for ages and it's one I always reach for. I paired it with a black cord shirt and a denim skirt to add some texture to my look. For ultimate warmth and something to make the outfit a bit more interesting I obviously whacked out the leopard print coat. I might as well get some wear out of it before it gets too warm. And to make it look like I have got my shit together, I matched my earrings to my bag. Fake it 'til you make it.  Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram

On Film

Film photos are becoming  a bit of a thing again and it inspired me to pick up my Olympus Trip 35 and finish off the roll of film that has been in there for probably about three years. I finally finished it, just taking a few snaps whilst I am out and about and here are the results. I've done a couple of posts like this before, almost 5 years ago would you believe, and it's definitely something I want to do more.  I had forgotten I had taken some of these photos as I took them so long ago so that was a nice surprise. I will definitely get into taking more and learning how to use my camera properly.  Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram