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The Midi Skirt

New Look Coat   // Summer Camp Band Tee // Boohoo Midi Skirt  // H&M Boots (similar)   // Primark Bag // Tiger Beret In my last post I mentioned how much I loved my current longline coat and the fact that it was falling apart and I needed a new one. Low and behold, I found one. This beauty is from New Look and was only £34.99. I opted for a black one as it matches best with the rest of my clothes. It's more structured that my last long line coat but it definitely does the trick. I can fit a few jumpers on underneath and it has already been keeping me warm. If you're looking for a new stylish winter coat, New Look is the place. Last Christmas I got myself this midi skirt and, honestly, I rarely wear it as I'm never sure how to style it. Today I paired it with a band tee and some pointed boots to keep it casual yet kind of smart. Of course, I topped it off with a beret because that's the very blogger thing to do at the moment. I bought this beret on a whi

The Lifesaving Longline Coat and Why You Need One

Hello boys and gals and welcome to a post dedicated to my love for a coat. For those of you who have managed to stick around with me over the years (well done and thanks), you will notice that I have had this coat for literally years. I love it. It's woollen and slightly structured making it perfect for styling up smart looks in the winter. But it's also slouchy enough to wear with a more casual outfit but still giving a nod of sophistication. It's faux leather collar makes it a bit different to other coats on the high street and it was, if I recall correctly, under £30. It's warm and cosy and you can whack on the layers underneath it when it's freezing. I'm just going to go ahead and say what we all think in the winter. Longline is a must when it's cold because it keeps that lil tooshy warm because, let's face it, nobody wants a cold booty. This Primark bundle of joy has always been my go to winter coat.  However, as sad as I am to say it