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Handmade Fair 2018 Bowood House

Last weekend I was kindly invited to Bowood House for the Handmade Fair . The workshop filled weekend was dedicated to appreciating the beauty of handmade items and learning new skills to create your own things and upcycle your old belongings. There were workshops and drop in sessions lasting from 5 minutes to at least an hour where you could develop your crafty skills and allow you to leave with a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do a workshop which is a real shame as there was so much on offer. However, I did have plenty of time to peruse the handmade stalls filled with everything from craft supplies and bits to fill your DIY needs to handbags and lots and lots of tasty food. I was very pleased to notice that there were a few 'plastic free' stalls dedicated to reducing plastic waste. I purchased some lovely plastic free soap to take home with me too from  Emma's Soap . It's amazing to see that reduced waste and plastic i