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An Ode To Bristol

Dear Bristol,  Thank you for everything.  Thank you for being the city in which I achieved so much. Bristol is where I pursued my passions and made my proudest moments because hell yeah I got my First Class Degree and took steps to progress my career in heritage and history. I got my first ever job, my first ever museum job and finally my first ever museum job that I absolutely adored.  Thank you for being the city where I could grow. I arrived nervous, petty and quite ignorant. I am leaving stronger, wiser, more open minded and most importantly - a fuck load happier.  Thank you for helping me find the best people. I made friends and I lost friends. And then I made some more friends who are my favourite people to be with in my favourite city. I of course also found the person who I love the most in this incredible city and I am so grateful that we could call it our home before we find new adventures. Thank you for being the greatest city. I am going to miss seein