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5 Goals for 2016

I'm not one for new year's resolutions but setting a few goals for this year seems reasonable. 2015 has been a really great year for me and I hope 2016 follows the same course. I will be leaving the teenage years behind and by the middle/end of the year I will be entering my final year of university which scares me a lot which makes me think I need to sort myself out a tad.  Save Some Money I was pretty good at doing this during first year but now I'm in second year, I seem to have abandoned my budgeting ways and binging on takeaways. I need to save money for over summer and for when I finish uni *gulp* Do More with my Spare Time When I'm not at uni, doing uni work or working I spend my time lazing about watching films and I think it's about time I get a real hobby and actually do something.  Blog More Isn't this every bloggers' goal? I have neglected the blog for a while, so it's time to sort myself out.  Start my uni work early This is s

2015 in Pictures

So 2015 has been a great year. I celebrated my 19th birthday in pop world (it's as great as it sounds), explored Lancashire and Yorkshire over the Summer, saw the spectacular Bristol balloon fiesta, headed to Weymouth for a sweet little camping trip with a special someone, got myself a little volunteering job at a museum and ended it by exploring Copenhagen! I'm hoping 2016 will be just as exciting, kicking off with a trip to Centre Parks! How was your 2015? What were your highlights? Have anything planned for next year? Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin  and instagram: amyleehaynes!

End of 2015 Sale Picks

1. Grey Coat - £51   2. Boots - £28 3. Pinafore - £11 4. Keyhole Dress - from £9.50 5. Lace up Shoes - £19.50 1. Zip Up Dress - £24.00 2. Jamie Cord Trousers - £25.00 3. Binx Jeans  4. Stripe Shell Top -£10  1. Drawstring Dress -  £27 2. Wrap Shirt - £19 3. Trousers - £25 4. Velvet Pinafore - £28 1. Velvet Slip - £17.99 2.   Trousers - £19.99 3. Denim Shirt Dress - £19.99 4. Skirt - £29.99  5. Jumpsuit - £25.99 What other way would you spend boxing day other than sitting wallowing in self pity about how much you've eaten and scrolling through the sales from the comfort of your own bed? Well that's what I've been doing and here are my top picks. As you can tell, I'm not yearning after a colourful wardrobe and I think these basic pieces would last me a long time. Lets hope they'll all still be in stock once the good old student loads goes in.  What are you hoping to pick up from the sales? Have you braved hitting the shops yet?


So I've clearly been on a bit of a hiatus as of late. I've had so much uni work to do and I've really not been feeling blogging in my spare time. I've been spending that doing valuable things such as sleeping, eating takeaway and watching Archer, you know the usual. But seeing as it's the holidays here's my obligatory 'I have time now, I promise to do better next year' malarkey.  I headed to Copenhagen last week and it was wicked. It was a tad chilly at the beginning of the week so we wrapped up warm and drank a hella lot of coffee.  We stayed in the lovely Urban House hostel which I totally recommend, as it was cheap but good quality accommodation. It is right the centre of the city, not too far from the central train station, tourist info centre and Tivoli, which is a must see - filled with rides and all things Christmassy at this time of year. From a blogging point of view, the Copenhagen style wa