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6 Ways to Reduce the Amount of Plastic You're Using

After seeing lots of information on the damage that plastic is doing to our environment, particularly our oceans, I have decided to try and reduce the amount of plastic that i buy and consume drastically. After doing lots of research about alternatives to plastic items, I have decided to embark on this challenge.  When you put plastic into landfill you think that it goes 'away' but it doesn't. A large amount of plastic ends up in the sea, sometimes in big chunks but sometimes the plastic breaks up into small pieces. Fish often think that those pieces are plankton and other small foods because they obviously don't know what plastic is and the harm that it could have on them. They end up eating the plastic which contains lots of toxins and sharp pieces and can kill the fish. Larger fish will eat plastic too and the plastic filled fish and so on. If you too eat fish there's a good chance you too are probably eating a fish that has eaten plastic and is riddled w