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Wishing For Spring

Jacket  // Striped Top // Earrings  // Necklace // Blouse  // Jeans As the days still seem to be freezing and thousands of layers don't seem to cut it, I find myself dreaming of the days where I can wear smaller jackets, no tights and not worry about freezing to death every time I leave the house. I think Winter can make you feel very uninspired with outfits because you just know it will be covered up the same old coat you always wear and a massive scarf. Working somewhere where you have to wear a uniform that you can't put your own twist on can be hard too. It means you only end up with 2 days a week that you wear what you actually want to wear because, let's face it, in the evenings all I ever wear is my trusty pyjamas. Anyway, rant over. This is what I want to wear for SS18.  Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram

Pink For Spring

Top - River Island // Jeans - Charity Shop I've gone all old school and done an indoors outfit post. I'm struggling to find time to shoot outside with Sam as the only time we are ever free is in the evenings, which are too dark, and every other weekend. However I do like how the pink and blue with the brown wooden door and how my hair basically matches the door. This top is from River Island and I got it in the Boxing Day sales and I have to say I'm impressed. I can't wait to wear it more in the Spring and Summer as the colour and fit is perfect for the warmer weather. And yes I am wearing those jeans again. I will never stop.  *This is a sponsored post Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram