I won!

Robyn at The Robyn Diaries had a giveaway and I won the first prize! I was so excited because I don't think I've ever really won anything (apart from princess of the week in Cornwall when I was like 2). I was also very happy to see that it had been delivered this morning. This is what I won:

Pretty packaging!! 

Crown and Glory floral crown
Tentative Decisions crystal necklace

Robyn sent me a cute letter too!

Feeling like Lana (I'm sad I know)

Pretty box

Isn't it gorgeous!!!

I think you may be seeing me wearing these a lot from now on!


  1. oh wow! that headband and necklace is GORGEOUS! very jel ;) xx


  2. I'm a little jealous, I had a bajillion entries in this giveaway. I have terrible luck! The headband looks so, so lovely on you xx

    1. Thanks! I normally have terrible luck but I only won it because the original winner didn't reply within the first week!

  3. love the flowers in your hair! So pretty x

  4. Veryvery cute ! ♥
    Suits you well
    new follower

    1. aw thank you! I have followed you back! xx

  5. I have only just seen this but yayyy you look so lovely in the headband! so glad you liked them :) xxx

    1. I love them!! I wear the necklace all the time!! xx


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