REVIEW: Dot by Marc Jacobs

For Christmas my Dad bought me Dot by Marc Jacobs. In a way it was a risk asking for this for Christmas as I had never smelt it before and I was just going off what I'd heard from other people. Luckily it smells amazing.

As I expected it has quite a summery smell to it which obviously coincides well with the ladybird inspired bottle. It will be a nice change from constantly wearing my D&G perfume 1 Le Bateleur, which has more of a Wintery scent. It is a 100ml bottle so it will hopefully last me a while but I can guarantee that when it has all been used I wont be getting rid of the bottle. Look at it - it's so pretty!

I am yet to find anything wrong with it other than the fact that it's a nightmare to get in and out of the box but who cares about that?

What are your favourite perfumes?


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