REVIEW: Topshop Moisturising Lipstick


I have wanted to buy a lipstick from Topshop for ages and I finally bought one in the shade Infrared which is a gorgeous reddy-orange shade. Topshop are really good for doing different colours compared to your usual high street brands.
 The lipstick is quite sheer so I would recommend applying a few layers to make it look the best. TO begin with it is very moisturising but after a couple of hours it dries out and left my lips feeling quite dry. I noticed that it comes off quite easily too, especially when eating food, so you would need to apply it several times throughout the day to keep your lips moisturised and to keep the colour looking fab. I would expect it to be a bit better seeing as it was £9 which is 9 times more expensive than the MUA ones that I normally buy which are just as good as this. However I will continue to use it as the colour is lovely.
 Here is what it looks like on:





  1. I've always been a bit unsure about Topshop lipsticks, so I might try out a MUA one beforehand now! xxx

    1. The only problem with MUA though is the fact that they don't do all of the nice different shades that Topshop have but I prefer their quality to topshop's. xx

  2. I've been meaning to try these out for so long, this is a lovely colour! The price has always put me off to be honest, think I'll try a MUA shade first!

    1. I don't really think that the lipstick is worth the price but I love the colours that topshop have so much which makes me a bit more willing because I can't find any that are a similar shade. xx

  3. Love the colour of this lipstick! I find Topshop lipsticks slightly drying though x


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