Holy Fire


Dungarees - Primark (last year) // Jumper - Primark // Socks - New Look (old) // Shoes - Doc Martens

I put my dungarees on this morning and felt like a five year old so to top it off I put on my new look socks with gingham frills. I love dungarees but I never know what tops to wear with them so I opted for a striped jumper. It's getting to that stage where you don't need layers and layers but you still need a jacket of some sort. It's a sign that heat is coming (hopefully).

Today I went to see if my new film SLR camera works, the man in the camera shop put a film in and told  me to go around and take some photos and he will develop to see if it works. This was great apart from the fact that my local town isn't the nicest of places and people gave me weird looks for taking pictures of the market hall, the town hall, flowerbeds and the doughnut van. As well as this my neighbour has also lent me his film SLR camera to use so all in all I have three film cameras to use and not much to photograph. I need to get my thinking cap on!

I am off to my local vintage fair tomorrow so I will hopefully buy some stuff.

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

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  1. You look awesome here!! I love those overalls (you call them dungarees?)
    Also, holy fire - IS THAT A FOALS REFERENCE??!
    (Please say yes otherwise I'll feel stupid...)

    1. Thanks! IT IS A FOALS REFERENCE!!!!!!!!! I am glad you noticed haha Yeah I don't know why we call them dungarees, I have no idea where the word comes from! xx

  2. Love the shoes with the socks!xx

  3. Loving the dungarees, I really want to get some! Love how you've layered stripes underneath xx

  4. Great dungarees! Plus the socks are super cute :) xx

  5. such a cute outfit! love dungarees atm too, and the way you styled them is perfect. ahh im killng for some docs at the moment, yours are awesome! mm i think if you have a good camera and u love photography it doesn't matter where you are cos you can always find a good photo in the most random places. love vintage fairs :) xx

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! I love docs, they are the best thing ever because they last for so long! You're right - I got the film developed and the pictures are actually really nice!! x

  6. Cute! Love the stripey top and socks with your dungarees! x


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