5 Relatable TV Characters

I have spent a lot (most) of my free time watching TV shows. Rewatching the oldies and starting new series. I think we can all agree that when watching almost every TV show, we find one character and go, "they are my spirit animal" and we find them incredibly relatable. I love this because we then look to them for inspiration of what to do in similar situations, providing us with good (usually) role models. Here are my top 5 sassy and relatable TV characters that I've been loving. 

1. Cristina Yang in Grey's Anatomy Probably my favourite from the list. She has all of the characteristics I wish to possess. She's smart, funny, beautiful and she holds a lot of the same views as me, not to mention she is a total emotional brick. Oh and she loves tequila. I feel ya sister. 
 2. Jessica Day in New Girl. I feel like most of us awkward ladies can relate to Jess. She's not great with guys, she's quirky and people don't tend to understand her. She teaches us to stay true to ourselves, even if we are clumsy, embarrassing and would prefer  a night in knitting rather than going out. 
3. Geraldine Granger in the Vicar of Dibley. The main reason why I love Geraldine is that she shows us that people like you for who you are and that a wicked sense of humour does you the world of good. Also she's a vicar so she obviously has a heart of gold. 
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4. Hannah Horvath in Girls. The only way I can describe Hannah is 'real'. She is a character that you can relate to so easily. She goes through problems and situations that we've all been in or will be in and says things we all think. Even though we might not think she is doing the right thing all the time, that adds to how realistic her character is. Shout out to Lena Dunham for creating such a truthful and realistic character. 
5. Abed from Community This might be a bit of a weird one but I really wish I was as intelligent and witty as Abed. I think everybody probably has a friendship like Tory and Abed's, which makes him that much cooler. 

What TV shows have you been watching? What characters can you relate to the most? 

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  1. I love Jess, totally relate to her. Geraldine is a great one too. I've never watched any of the other programmes properly, but definitely want to now just for the characters! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

    1. I definitely recommend the other programmes, especially if you like new girl and the vicar of dibley x

  2. New Girl is one of my favorite shows. Jess is great! I understand her, especially the awkwardness. I also love Winston because he's simply hilarious! :) Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check out some of the other shows you mentioned.


    1. Winston is fab, especially with his cat! I hope you enjoy the other shows x


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