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Nice & Easy: Garlic Chicken

I don't think I have ever posted a recipe on my blog before but here it goes. (Does this make me an adult now?) This is just a really simple but tasty meal to have, that's pretty healthy and is perfect for the hot summer weather. Here's a super quick guide on how to make it.  Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking Time: 30 You Will Need:   1 Chicken Breast Butter Garlic Herbs of your choice Reduced fat sour cream & chive dip Lettuce of your choice How To:  Lightly grease a baking tray  so your chicken doesn't stick to it Make a few small cuts in your chicken breast Finely chop your garlic Fill the cuts in your chicken breast with the garlic and small amounts of butter. I spread the butter and garlic over the top too Cover the chicken with herbs of your choice Cook for about 30 mins until the chicken isn't pink Pop your chicken on some lettuce leaves. Add more salad and some yummy dip.   What's your go to meal dur

Making Shorts and Shirts Work

Topshop Shirt ( similar ) // Vintage Levis Shorts // Topshop Shoes Whenever I wear shorts I always feel a bit...well...bland and I find it hard to feel like I look nice. When trying to style my vintage levis shorts that I have had for about 5 years this shirt instantly sprang into mind. It's cropped style makes it work since sometimes, tucked in shirts can give a bit of a farmer feel or don't always work. I paired the outfit with a pair of smart shoes to go with the smart casual vibe - something a bit different to your usual shorts and t-shirt look. Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin  and instagram: amyleehaynes!

Update: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Sup guys - long time, no blog. I'm not going to sugar coat it, I've been a terrible blogger as of late. I have been working four times my usual amount and have spent my free days, napping and watching Fargo and if I'm being 100% honest, I've just not been feeling it. I thought I'd give y'all a quick update as I don't want to abandon blogging entirely, I just need to get back into the swing of things.  I passed second year with a strong 2:1 which I'm pretty chuffed with. I visited the River Wye for a splendid weekend camping and canoeing, followed by exploring Tintern Abbey I took a visit to Birmingham to visit my Father, where we went vintage shopping and chilled with his sheep.  I've watched a whole lot of Gilmore Girls and I have decided I want to be like Lorelei when I grow up.  Looking at this list, it doesn't seem like I've done much but I have been super busy/lazy. If you've stuck around then U DA BEST and there w