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What's Occurring

I've only been posting in dribs and drabs at the moment so I thought it was about time I did a little bit of a life update. So I graduated from uni, which I am sure I have mentioned numerous times, but now I have finally got myself a degree related job working in an aerospace museum. I'm over the moon that I have landed myself a full time job within the sector that I want to work in. Whilst many of my uni class mates are off doing masters and what not, I don't want to further my education until I know exactly what it is that I want to do. Further education aint cheap so I want to be completely sure of what my goal is before choosing any further degrees. So for now I'm going to work away in the heritage sector until I have more of a goal.  This full time lifestyle leaves me wanting to spend my free time on the sofa watching Netflix, that's when I'm not doing those mundane adult chores. It really does suck that we have to spend those sacred few hours we

Leopard & Red

River Island Hat (Similar) // New Look Coat (similar) // Dad's Old T-Shirt (Similar) // Topshop Trousers (Similar) // Primark Bag (Similar) & Shoes So I have been a bit AWOL recently because of that old thing called life. I will post an update on all things adulthood in the near future but for now can we appreciate this transitional weather? I can finally get out my fur coat and knitwear. Can I get all hallelujah? I bought this coat from the teens section of New Look last year and I have been waiting all year to be able to wear it and show it off in a post. I paired it with some faux leather trousers I picked up in the Topshop summer sale for £3. It's safe ti say I was shocked. To top it off I of course popped on a classic band tee and fedora which completes almost any look. I'm really looking forward to thinking up some winter outfits and being able to wrap myself up in all of the jumpers, scarves and hats. I'm looking to jump on the baker boy hat