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Rework Your Wardrobe: Silk Midi

A trend that everyone and their Nan seems to be loving at the moment is the silk midi skirt, or any midi skirt for that matter but I personally love the silk midi trend. However I can guarantee that by the new year, the trend wont be that important to me and I will be so over it. What can be hard, when you love fashion and want to try out new styles is doing so without over indulging in fast fashion and buying pieces that you will wear for a short period of time. It is so easy and convenient to just go out and buy something new to fulfil these temporary needs. However what we need to start doing is looking in our wardrobes and seeing how we can rework pieces that we already have.  For example, I rarely ever wear this silky/satin midi dress to the extent that I don't think I have ever posted it on my blog but I love it and have not got rid of it. I purchased it as a 'going out' dress for when I finished sixth form and got my A-Level results. Fast forward 4 y