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Eplanita Eco-Friendly Phone Case - An Honest Review

I recently upgraded my phone to a second hand iPhone XR and, quite frankly, I am a very  clumsy person. Sometimes I seem to just throw my phone on the floor or it leaps out of my hands as if by magic so a new phone case was very important. Instead of buying another cute yet completely made of plastic phone case, I looked for one that was a bit more sustainable.  There's a huge range of biodegradable and sustainable phone cases out there. They are usually made from coffee grounds, cork or wheat  straw. I decided to opt for one made out of wheat straw and TPU that's fully biodegradable.  I purchased the Eplanita biodegradable XR phone case in Khaki . One major set back with this is not all of the Eplanita phone cases are available on their website but they are all available on Amazon. This kind of sucks since we all know that Amazon's ethics and morals are not exactly great so it's not ideal that a sustainable brand is selling their items on there, especially when they h

Sustainable Basic T-Shirts That Won't Break The Bank

After ruining my only basic white t-shirt beyond repair, planting hop plants, I decided it was time to invest in a new one. Despite my commitment to second hand fashion, I wanted my new basic tee to be new to ensure that it was still looking fresh. I decided to have a look into buying one from a sustainable brand. However, it came as no surprise to me that a new t-shirt from an ethical and sustainable brand made from eco friendly materials was not going to be cheap or affordable for me, particularly since I am currently unemployed.  This is something that is very frustrating about sustainable fashion - it's simply not accessible for all. Whether it's the hefty price tag or limited sizing range, it's not exactly feasible for everyone to shop from sustainable brands.  Despite this, I continued with my search and came across Rapanui Clothing . The founders, Mart and Rob, have been worried about the vast amounts of waste on our planet since they were very young and so set up R