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Who Am I?

I'm Amy, a 24 year old who's bumbling through life. I was born in Birmingham, UK and moved to Lancashire aged 10 so I kind of consider myself a bit of a Northern lass. I studied History at UWE and I'm now travelling in New Zealand with my Boyfriend, Sam and have been since February 2019. 

I love clothes, coffee, cake, cats and history. In fact I also run a history blog called Looking Back at History so feel free to stop by to get your history fix.

What You'll Find Here

 I started posting on my little corner of the internet way back in 2012 as a bit of an online diary and to share my personal style

More recently, I have started on a sustainability journey so it's only natural that my blog evolved also. So here you can expect to find me documenting this journey, sharing my tips of how to realistically live and dress sustainably. 

If you want to get in touch with me head over to my contact page.

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