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What I'll Be Wearing

Outfit 1: Grey Midi Skirt - Primark // T-shirt - Topshop // Boots - Doc Martens // Rings - H&M // Bracelet - H&M // Chain - Topshop   Outfit 2: Skirt - Topshop (sale) // Jumper - Primark (sale) // Shirt - Primark // Heels - Office (old) // Earrings - Superdrug // Clutch - Accessorize (old)   Outfit 3 - Jumper - H&M // Jeans - Charity Shop // Chain - Topshop This weekend I'm visiting my family down in Birmingham as it's my Nan's birthday. I thought I'd show you what I'm planning to wear over the weekend. The first outfit is for whatever I will be doing with my relatives on Saturday so I want something that's comfy but also looks good. I went for simple colours because there's nothing worse than packing something and then realising it looks terrible when you put it on and have nothing else to wear. The second outfit is what I will be wearing to my Nan's birthday meal. I have wanted the skirt since I first saw it on

Week In Photos #43

200 Nailene false nails for £4.99 from Bodycare // trying out my nails // NYE // paisley pants // Selfie // OOTD - Primark dress and New Look Boots I evidently haven't take that many photos as of recent however I will be motivated to take more now that I have instagram (amyleehaynes) so feel free to follow as I will more than likely update it a lot more than my blog as it's easier, particularly when I have a lot of work to do.  Feel free to comment with your instagram and I will follow you back! Have a lovely week! x Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin !

Fluffy & Paisley Print

          Jumper - Primark // Shirt (underneath) - Topshop (old) // Trousers - Matalan // Loafers - New Look (old) // Lipstick - Infrared (Topshop)   First of all I would like to point out that I am not going against all fashion rules and wearing white socks with this outfit, my feet are just looking astonishingly pale today - perhaps because they haven't seen the light of day since September. Today I opted for another comfy outfit, it seems that comfort is become a recurring theme in my outfit posts lately. My paisley pants are the best for when I want comfy days because they are so soft and it feels like I am wearing pyjamas (and probably looks like it too). I of course had to wear tights under my trousers so my feet didn't freeze. I am obviously not cool enough (or brave enough) to go bare footed never mind bare legged in the middle of winter. I don't know how some people do it. It is guaranteed that I will still be wearing my knitwear into the Su

Fluffy & Floral

  Jumper - Primark // Skirt - Charity Shop // Boots - New Look Hey guys! I think this outfit sums up just how I am feeling at the moment. I want to be all florally and want it to be Spring (wishful thinking I know) but I can't, resulting in me wearing a big winter jumper. I am dreaming of pastels, crop tops and no tights but I worry that those days wont be coming any time soon. I always find it hard to wear midi skirts as they make my legs look even shorter than what they are but I think they look perfect with heeled boots.   I went back to sixth form this week where I am constantly being reminding that it's 80-something school days until we go on study leave which is an incredibly worrying thought. That also means I wont be able to blog as much as I want but I am going to schedule a load of posts for you.  Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin !


      Jacket - Primark // Fluffy Tee - Primark // Jeans - Charity Shop // Boots - Doc Martens  I finally invested in a fluffy crop top from Primark that everyone and their grandmother seems to have but it's so perfect and soft and will be perfect in the Spring when it's still a bit cold especially with all the pretty pastel colours they now have. Expect to see this top a lot more on the blog! Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin !

Pastel Crop Jumper

Jumper - Primark // Dress - Primark (old) // Boots - New Look // Necklace - DIY Hey guys! Happy 2014! I went on a shopping trip to Manchester the other week and I surprisingly didn't buy that much mainly due to the fact that all the pretty things weren't in my size and also because I took the wrong size into the changing rooms and I really couldn't be bothered to go and get the right size. However I did manage to pick up this beautiful pastel blue crop jumper from Primark for only £5 in the sale. I got it in a size bigger so it has an oversized look to it. I just shoved on over my old skater dress from Primark which I got ages ago but I don't think I have ever posted it on my blog. You will be seeing the jumper appear more in outfits this spring and summer so watch out! Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin !