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10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood

We all have those days where we feel a bit crappy. However when those days spontaneously come upon you when you're busy, you can't just sit around watching the Vicar of Dibley and eating a copious amount of biscuits. What a shame. Here a 10 alternative methods to quickly improve your mood.  30 Second Dance Party - If Grey's Anatomy has taught me anything it has to be the joys of a 30 second dance party. Put on your favourite song and dance it out.  source Sing - if you don't feel like dancing, sing at the top of your lungs instead. Rapping also works, especially to Nicki Minaj.  Smile - Smile at other people, smile at yourself, just keep smiling.  Dress like a sassy bitch -Put on your favourite outfit and best lipstick. This will make you feel confident and therefore improve your mood. The compliments will also make your day 10 times better.  source Talk to people - socialising makes you feel so much better. If you can talk to a friend you always h

Valentine's Day With IWOOT

Love Fried Egg Template* Heart Shaped Boiled Egg Shaper* Mug*   Heart Hole Punch* (all £6.99) (10 points for burning the egg to the bottom of the pan) The lovely people over at IWOOT ( in the essence of all things lovey-dovey have sent me some fab Valentine's themes gifts to make my Valentine's day extra special. Now I will be spending Valentine's day alone (in a pile of books on British Politics) but that does not stop me from having Valentine's themed eggs. Yes eggs. Fried eggs saying Love and heart shaped boiled eggs. These are fab and you can use them on any occasion but they require one thing - the ability to make eggs well. That is a quality that I do not possess. The first time I cooked a boiled egg (i.e. the other day) it was half raw so I am yet to master the skill but when I do, heart shaped eggs in salads will be a regular thing. This is a perfect way to make your other half happy on the special day, p