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Positive Things: Week 1

It's really easy to get caught up in stress and the chaos of daily life without actually appreciating the things that have gone well or that have impacted your life positively. I'm definitely a 'glass half empty' kind of gal but I would really like to change that or at least focus a bit more on the good and less on the bad. These posts will be a bit of a round up of the good things that have occurred to stop those negative vibes.  1. Finished Second Year of University. This year has been pretty hard and it is finally over. I've got some pretty good grades under my belt and am just waiting for the rest of my results back. It's time to have a few relaxing months before heading into my third and final year.  2. I'm finally feeling like myself after being disgustingly ill last week. I was really run down and aching and needed some rest. I'm feeling tip top again now though. 3. I treated myself to some nice things as a 'hell yeah exams are ov

Summer Everyday Make Up

My last everyday make up post proved quite popular so I thought, why not share with you my updated summer look? I've swapped up some of my products so why not give you the low down? For my base I now used the Revlon Colourstay foundation in the shade ivory, (lightest obv). This is a pretty good foundation to use in the Summer as it's SPF 15, which might not be enough to fully protect your face so used sun lotion too but it's better than nothing. It's for combination-oily skin so it doesn't leave your skin greasy and shiny which we all know happens in the summer. After this I used the infamous collection lasting perfection concealer which really needs no bigging up, we all know how great it is. I fix this all in place with the translucent collection loose powder which is not too thick and cakey. Next onto the contour we all know and love, using the Sleek Contour kit and then the MUA highlighter , they're a great combination for that summer glow

Shop the Trend: Off The Shoulder

          1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 I've recently been seeing this off the shoulder look absolutely everywhere and I have to admit... I love it. I don't overly think my shoulders are great but they're not horrible (can you have horrible shoulders idk) so it's definitely a trend I'm going to trying out more. I have a couple of tops in this style but I would like to add to my collection and who knows maybe I'll even get a dress. It's definitely a trend for the summer. I don't know about you but I do not want to expose my shoulders to the freezing cold.  It's going to be an odd look for me to try as I'm so used to wearing tops that cover up every inch, turtle necks are my go to. However an off the shoulder tee or dress teamed with a bandanna neck tie is a look I'm going to be working. Lets hope the sun stays out long enough for me to enjoy baring my shoulders to the world. I've compiled a lil wishlist of some of my faves.   Asos

Summer Goals 2016

It's that wonderful time of year again where I am free from university for many months and oh what to do with that time. It's only just hit me that this will probably be the last time that I have this much time off ever again. Like ever. Welcome to adulthood. It's gonna suck. I guess I better make this summer count and have a wicked time before I have to commit my life to the world of work.  Work on my dissertation - So September will see me entering my third and final year of university which means I gotta write a shit tonne of words. I need to narrow down my topic and a lot of research which will probably mean heading up to Kew to the National Archives.  Work - I need thay ££ to fund my summer. (I've also applied for an internship but I'm not getting my hopes up too soon). Volunteer- I am very aware I have minimal experience for when I finish university so I guess I should work on that.   Go to my first festival - yeah I'm a festival ~noob~ but


Topshop Jumper // Primark Culottes ( similar ) // H&M Sandals ( similar ) I bought these culottes last summer and never really wore them because I thought I looked daft. I have been umming and ahing over them now the whether has picked up again and I've decided I think they are great and match with my variety of crop jumpers, the possibilities are endless.  Blog posts will from now on become more regular as I am in that blogging in order to procrastinate from revising for my last exam phase so watch out, I'm back.  Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin  and instagram: amyleehaynes!