Summer Goals 2016

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It's that wonderful time of year again where I am free from university for many months and oh what to do with that time. It's only just hit me that this will probably be the last time that I have this much time off ever again. Like ever. Welcome to adulthood. It's gonna suck. I guess I better make this summer count and have a wicked time before I have to commit my life to the world of work. 

  1. Work on my dissertation - So September will see me entering my third and final year of university which means I gotta write a shit tonne of words. I need to narrow down my topic and a lot of research which will probably mean heading up to Kew to the National Archives. 
  2. Work - I need thay ££ to fund my summer. (I've also applied for an internship but I'm not getting my hopes up too soon).
  3. Volunteer- I am very aware I have minimal experience for when I finish university so I guess I should work on that.  
  4. Go to my first festival - yeah I'm a festival ~noob~ but that will all be changing as I'm going to Boardmasters. Bring on Catfish and the Bottlemen and Wolf Alice. 
  5. Bristol Balloon Fiesta - I had so much fun last year, just wondering round Ashton Court, eating ice creams, soaking up the sun and watching the balloons fly into the sunset. Pretty sweet if you ask me. 
  6. Explore Bristol - To say I've lived here for two years now, I haven't explored as much as I want to have. 
  7. See Slow Club - whenever they are on tour, I always realise once I already have plans or the night of the show and always miss them. This year I  have been prepared. 
  8. Go on holiday - I am on a tight budget but I intend to take a trip camping near the coast
  9. Pop down to the Bristol Harbour Festival - I somehow missed this last year, I don't know how but I will definitely check it out this year. 
  10. Enjoy myself- cringe I know but it's the last 'proper' summer I'm going to get for a while so I want to make the most of it. 
Bristol has loads of events on over the summer and most of them are free so are definitely worth it. Lets hope that the weather stays decent enough for me to enjoy it!

What are your plans for the Summer?

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