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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Spoiler - I'm not getting married but it's always good to know how to choose the perfect ring. It's something you are going to have for a very long time (hopefully) perhaps even for the rest of your life so you might as well invest in a ring that you like and that will last. It is likely that your engagement ring was chosen for you by your soon to be husband or wife but the wedding ring is your opportunity to pick the ring of your dreams. For a diamond novice like myself, talks to cut, colour, clarity and carat are all baffling concepts that add another daunting task to your pile before your big day.  I've teamed up with Angelic Diamonds , specialist retailers in tension set engagement rings and bespoke  wedding rings , to provide you with a definitive guide to choosing the perfect ring for your special day.  Diamond Cut This is one of the most important characteristics of the ring since it's what makes your ring sparkle. The better the cut, the more it

Should We Return to the Kitchen?

How many meals per week are you eating away from home ? Do you eat out at lunch instead of taking in food or do you treat yourself regularly to takeaways and meals out with your other half? Over the past few decades more and more of us are ordering takeaways instead of making home cooked meals. Research published by the John Hopkins School of Public Health has claimed that those who regularly cook meals at home eat a lot healthier and consume fewer calories.  Five-star kitchen and polycarbonate roofing supplier, the Plastic People , have explored how popular eating out and ordering takeaways has become and have suggested that we should ditch the menus and get back in the kitchen and cook ourselves a decent meal.  Takeaways Just Eat conducted a study to shed light onto how popular takeaways have become and found that approximately half of people aged under 35 years old will serve up a takeaway meal for a get-together. The reasoning behind this includes both parents having

Sukin Facial Moisturiser

I recently ran out of my trusty Nivea moisturiser and was looking to replace it with something different to your basic high street skincare. I came across this Sukin facial moisturiser. Sukin are an Australian brand producing natural skincare out of natural and paraben free ingredients. This particular product contains aloe vera, horsetail, nettle and burdock in addition to rose hip, wheat grain, jojoba, and avocado oils which together soothe the skin and promote skin renewal. My skin always feels lusciously fresh, smooth and plump after using and I it smells amazing, kind of like Terry's chocolate orange.  If that wasn't good enough, this Sukin product is 100% vegan, 100% carbon neutral and not tested on animals so is completely ethical which is increasingly important in recent times. It's affordable, ethical and it works like a dream. What's not to love?  Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin  and instagram: amyleehay

Seeing Red

Primark Jumper // Zara Trousers // Doc Marten Shoes Last weekend I headed to the Gloucester History Festival to listen to some awesome historians talk about the Cold War and the Classics. It was lovely to be surrounded by fellow history nerds and hear people talk about the thins they are passionate about and learn loads of stuff about some of my favourite topics. Did you know that a lot of soaps are based on classic Greek plays and follow the works of Aristotle? You'd never think Corrie was so sophisticated. The Blackfriars location of many of the main events also made a perfect outfit shoot location. The historic buildings make a beautiful backdrop and are definitely worth looking at if you ever visit Gloucester.  By that weekend the weather had turned sour and cold so I had to wear my new red oversized jumper with equally oversized bell style sleeves. I obviously chose the jumper in red because it is of course a bloggers' favourite colour at the moment and I wan