Should We Return to the Kitchen?

How many meals per week are you eating away from home? Do you eat out at lunch instead of taking in food or do you treat yourself regularly to takeaways and meals out with your other half? Over the past few decades more and more of us are ordering takeaways instead of making home cooked meals. Research published by the John Hopkins School of Public Health has claimed that those who regularly cook meals at home eat a lot healthier and consume fewer calories. 
Five-star kitchen and polycarbonate roofing supplier, the Plastic People, have explored how popular eating out and ordering takeaways has become and have suggested that we should ditch the menus and get back in the kitchen and cook ourselves a decent meal. 

Just Eat conducted a study to shed light onto how popular takeaways have become and found that approximately half of people aged under 35 years old will serve up a takeaway meal for a get-together. The reasoning behind this includes both parents having to work longer hours and fitting their children's extra curricular activities into the day. The research also found that over one quarter of respondents had passed off takeaway meals as their own food when serving it up to guests - how cheeky! These same respondents stated they simply did not have the time to cook a meal themselves. Have we become too busy to cook? 

Just Eat
Just Eat has become one of the largest companies associated with takeaways in the 21st century and it's certainly where I instantly head to when I am considering ordering a takeaway (I always opt for Chinese food). With 17.6 million active customers, 68,500 restaurant partners and 136.4 million orders (4.3 orders per second), the statistics certainly speak for themselves. 

Home Cooking?
The John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has suggested that we should reconsider our eating habits. After analysing the data from the 2007/10 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, it was concluded that those who were cooking meals at home ate much more healthily and consumed way less calories. Only 48 per cent of participants cooked dinner 6-7 times a week, meaning over 50 per cent of the population eat out at least once a week. Interestingly, the research suggested that those who cooked up to 6-7 times per week opted for healthier options when eating out. Clearly, making home cooked meals has a larger effect on us. 

Perhaps we need to think about our eating habits and try and make healthier choices by cooking at home at it will impact our health in the long run.

How do you feel about eating takeaways and home cooking?

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