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How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe for Travelling

Making the decision to go travelling meant I would be spending at least a year living out of a backpack. This could only mean that I'd have to fit everything I need into said backpack including my wardrobe. Now obviously I could not put my whole wardrobe into my backpack so I needed to decide what to take and what not to take.  Now I love clothes so this was going to be a hard task for me but also something I really wanted to try anyway. I have spoken before about fast fashion and its impact on the environment and one way to try and reduce this negative impact is a capsule wardrobe. A reduced wardrobe means that you have less items but they are quality pieces that you really love to wear and you don't feel the need to keep buying new things. Creating a capsule travel wardrobe allowed me to go through all my clothes and realise what I loved and wanted to take to the other side of the world and the stuff that I could probably live without. Here's a few tips on how t

Hey New Zealand!

About 1 month ago I headed to Manchester airport with nothing but my backpack and started my 30 hour journey to the other side of the world. Hello, New Zealand!  I stepped off the plane in my usual all black attire into the sweaty morning heat of Auckland. It's hard to know how to dress when you're leaving the UK, shivering in a hat and scarf at a ghastly -1 and arrive over 4000 miles away in 24 degree heat. In a hot, groggy mess, I was so happy to be reunited myself with Sam after a long 5 months of being apart - what a great first sight of me. It's safe to say that after him being in India his tan is about 5 shades darker than mine, the difference is like the front and back of Ross in that episode of Friends. We headed across Auckland to our Air BnB, had a takeaway and a 15 hours sleep and we were ready to start our New Zealand adventure.  Arriving in Auckland makes you feel like you're in any big UK city but with a few more mountains and a more plac