Hey New Zealand!

About 1 month ago I headed to Manchester airport with nothing but my backpack and started my 30 hour journey to the other side of the world. Hello, New Zealand! 

I stepped off the plane in my usual all black attire into the sweaty morning heat of Auckland. It's hard to know how to dress when you're leaving the UK, shivering in a hat and scarf at a ghastly -1 and arrive over 4000 miles away in 24 degree heat. In a hot, groggy mess, I was so happy to be reunited myself with Sam after a long 5 months of being apart - what a great first sight of me. It's safe to say that after him being in India his tan is about 5 shades darker than mine, the difference is like the front and back of Ross in that episode of Friends. We headed across Auckland to our Air BnB, had a takeaway and a 15 hours sleep and we were ready to start our New Zealand adventure. 

Arriving in Auckland makes you feel like you're in any big UK city but with a few more mountains and a more places to eat sushi. Because of this I sort of presumed that the rest of New Zealand would be like the UK but how I was wrong. As soon as you leave Auckland and head North, you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere. The towns have the basics - a local shop, a café that closes at 2pm and a petrol station and each town is at least an hour away from each other. Other than this you're surrounded by endless scenery and tranquillity.
Travelling from Auckland up to Cape Reinga via the East coast and back down the west, I have done and seen so many incredible things. I have climbed a volcano, swam in the ocean for the first time (and definitely not the last), climbed some awesome hills, over crazy boulders and trekked through huge forests and seen New Zealand's oldest Kauri trees. To some, these things may seem like nothing but to me, who has never really travelled, they are huge achievements. I've also worked at a carnival for the weekend and had an adventure in Hobbiton. 

It still doesn't seem real that I have been here for a month now and sometimes I still have to pinch myself and remind myself where I am. I did it, I made it to the other side of the world and I can't wait to explore it more. 

If you have any recommendations of things to see and places to visit in New Zealand then please let me know!

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