Today I went out with 50p because I'm trying to save up for Edinburgh so I can't spend any money. And I weirdly enough managed to find things that I wanted. 

I found the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack in a charity shop for 99p which my mom bought for me. I went to an antique shop and found a cute postcard to go on my wall which was 50p.

 This is me today when I got back with supposedly straight hair. Don't know what happened.

This is Nancy not wanting her photo taken.

Here is me with my sonic screwdriver not wanting to revise.

I wont really be posting much as I am immensely busy over the next few weeks because I've got exams, my friend's party next week, leaving school, prom and even more exams but I promise to try and squeeze in the odd post every so often.


  1. Goodluck with the exams! It's so annoying that 50p doesn't go far but I like what you got anyway (and the Sonic Screwdriver) <3

    1. Thank you!! Good luck to you with your exams as well, I've just seen you're exam post and pretty much agreed with everything you said!


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