Museum Fun

Today I went to my local museum to have a look because I love museums and I thought it seemed a bit weird because it's just down the road but I have never been. I took many photos but I had to sign a form to say that they were for my own personal use (so for projects and photo albums etc.) so I had to kind of promise that I wouldn't put them onto public websites. Unfortunately  this means there are no pictures to show you which is a shame because I photographed this stuffed animal statue thing of a massive python eating a tiger. (you can find pictures on google if you search 'python eats tiger').

Anyway there was a nice blossom tree outside of the museum that was really nice so I took a picture of that!

I also bought this herbal tea making kit. Inside are lists of different herbs and where to find them around the park in which the museum is in. You go and pick the ones that you want and them put them in the tea bag supplied in the pack. It was only £1 so I thought why no. I will eventually get round to making my own herbal tea. How exciting!


  1. that sounds great :) and really nice blog you have here, dear!
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    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion


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