The Lost Boys

(taken from google images)
Today despite still having 4 exams left, I decided to kick back and relax and watch The Lost Boys . For those of you who are not familiar with the film, it's an '80s horror/vampire film about 2 boys (sam and Michael) who move to Santa Clara, 'the death capital of the world' with, with their mother but one of them meets a girl (vampire) and her so called friends turn him into a vampire. It's quite cheesy but I kind of love it. 
taken from google images
ooh look at kiefer on the motorbike

taken from google images
Sam and Michael, the two brothers who move to Santa Clara

taken from google images
The Frog Brothers - vampire killers that own a comic store and help Sam and Michael 

The Frog parents- HIPPIES

vampires - David (played by kiefer sutherland) on the far left, isn't he gorgeous

Michael in transition - must wear shades to hid from the sun. I think he looks like John Travolta here. 

It's kind of funny though because I fancy David from this and Spike from Buffy - both are vampires with bleach blonde hair who enjoy wearing all black and leather jackets.


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