OOTD 07/06/2012

I was pulling a weird face in this picture so I covered it up as you can tell. 
tie-dye t-shirt - Store twenty one
Pleated Skirt- Blue Rinse vintage Manchester
I also wore my creepers 

I forgot how much I love this bracelet from a small shop in Ramsbottom, I can't remember the name of the shop, it's something to do with fairies and caves

Pentagram necklace - Antique church
The other one is from a pendulum thing that I got from a shop that I can't remember the name of in Bromsgrove, it's opposite the YMCA charity shop anyway. Just to point out I don't live in Bromsgrove, my Dad does and I go to visit him sometimes.

Today I went to history revision dressed like this and I was fine until we were driving into the car park and I suddenly felt the need to go home and change because I didn't look 'normal' but I didn't I stuck it out and it wasn't that bad just a few funny looks is all. The 6 hours of revision, as much as I love history, dragged but i got chips at break so all was well. 

my cat also decided to sit under the umbrella while it was drying out. I think it's cosy or something but she looked cute anyway. 

Sorry for long post.


  1. I love your tie dye top, I'm thinking of tie dying an old sweater soon.

    By the way I am holding a great giveaway, check it out here...




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