Photo crazy

Today I have literally had a photo day because all I have done is go to ASDA to collect my disposable pictures and buy some more photo albums. I then came home and scanned and uploaded all of these photos onto my laptop and onto facebook. Then I printed off any pictures I wanted from on my laptop which was a bit of a mare as my printer was being crazy. 5 hours and 3 photo albums later I am finished!!! Here are they are (and my company magazine which I got because of the free benefit pore cream):

Here are some of the pictures from my disposable camera:
Me at my sister's uni in Chester

nancy in a bow tie

cocktails at chiquitos,non-alcoholic of course 


Abandoned house

my sister at uni

me and my sister, I love this photo

Nancy in a bow tie again

Nancy in the window 

A river

A road


an abandoned train


And here is a tired picture of me almost 5 hours later.........


  1. Awww "Nancy in a bow tie!!" so cute! <3

    1. Thank you, she oddly suits a bow tie! x


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