two days of outfits

My sister has finally come home from uni for the summer so, I am very sorry to say that you must prepare to be somewhat neglected because most  of my time will be spent getting mcflurrys and watching the power rangers (SPD EMERGANCY) and buffy. However I promise that posts that I do make will be good!

This was on Tuesday - Sex Pistols oversized crop top - H&M, Floral midi-skirt- Oxfam 
I found that the skirt is too big for me (this never happens to me so it's kind of a good thing) to the extent that  I  need to put another hole in my belt!!

This is today's outfit: Stripey jumper - H&M ages ago, Denim Levi's - Wanderland in Manchester and DIY, chain necklace- topshop sale ages ago

I found a new place to take my photos - if I put my  camera on my stool (I don't have a tripod)and put it on my windowsill I can take pictures with natural light!


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