velvet madness

within the past year I have become totally obsessed with velvet things and today I bought my 10th and 11th velvet pieces! I now have:

2 Velvet dresses - The left one is from the British Heart Foundation for £5.50 and the right one was from Sense charity shop for £3.50

topshop velvet shorts - £32  (I think)

Velvet skirt - sue ryder charity shop (originally from primark) - £2.50

(sorry about the awful picture) maxi skirt - charity shop in chester - £3.00

sheer and velvet shirt - oxfam £1.99

topshop red velvet skater dress - £20

topshop velvet shoes £15 in the sale

I also have a pair of  velvet heels and a velvet headband.

I think it's safe to say that I am obsessed with velvet. Are there any types of clothing/materials that you collect? 


  1. I'm wearing a dark red version of the primark skirt right now haha! I'm glad I've found someone else who is just as obsessed with velvet as I am :-)

    Lucy x

  2. Ohhh sweet velvet! I would probably add to that non-ugly suede.

  3. Amazing finds! I love velvet <3

  4. Gahh I'm so glad someone else has an obsession with velvet! I'm totalling up around five or six velvet pieces at the moment but not as many as you, haha. I'm rather jealous of your BHF dress, shorts and shoes. Love your style, sweetie :) x

    1. I love it! I think it's so easy to wear especially in the winter. Keep looking in charity shops you're bound to find something velvet, I have never been to a charity shop and not found a velvet maxi! Thanks for following!! xx

  5. Some amazing bargain finds!


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