1. Denim shirt - topshop £35
  2. Denim backpack - topshop £34
  3. **Oversized jacket - topshop £89**
  4. Polaroid Camera - Urban outfitters £120
  5. Disco Pants - american apparel £70
  6. Knitted Cardigan - Ark clothing £16 (sale)
  7. Double sole leopard print creepers - underground £84
  8. Hoop cross earrings - Urban outfitters £8 
  9. Spiked headband- Topshop £12.50
I currently have about £1.50 in purse because I've had to pay my sister for train fair for Edinburgh (I can go!!!) for August. I like many people when I'm broke I go on clothes websites and mope about how I can't afford things so I thought I would share with you the things I want the most.

As you may have noticed I have put number 3 in bold, underlined it and put stars around it because I have wanted that jacket for 3 years now ever since I saw some super cool girl wearing one at a bus stop near where I live. It was a great moment because it is rare to see someone with such good fashion sense and I said to myself, "I want that jacket" and have lusted over it for 3 years. Sad I know. 

p.s. I had a history exam today and I don't want to jinx it but it went really well because I adore history! How did you all find it (if you did it of course)?? xxx


  1. All these things are amazing; I especially love that headband. I know how you feel about the jacket thing, there is an amazing long fur (faux of course) grey coat I have wanted forever and whenever I go to this shop I always check in on it... pathetic I know, but it's so glamorous and wearing it is the closest I'll ever get to a time machine I think.
    Coincidentally I had a history exam today as well (even though I'm on the other side of the world!). Easy in terms of information but only just finished because it was sooooo long and the time limit was crazy!
    Sorry for the ramble haha but I love your blog. x


    1. I know, in history you always want to write absolutely everything but there just isn't enough time! xxx


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