This is what I wore today to go charity shopping and I didn't even buy anything! Please excuse my face in the photo on the right.
Army Jacket - Army Surplus in Stratford
Nirvana t-shirt - H&M
Riding style pants - H&M
Doc Martens - My auntie's

Okay so I have a question for all of you lovely followers and even non-followers reading this- would you be interested in me doing a giveaway and if so what kind of stuff would you want to see in a giveaway? Would you want clothes? Jewellery? A bit of both? I'm not very good with this kind of thing so let me know and I may just do a giveaway!


  1. I'm loving this look, I really like how you've styled the jacket.
    Sometimes it is nice just to rummage, every charity shop trip doesn't find treasure, I hope you still had fun.

  2. I love charity shopping! It's nice just to look



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