6 days of outfits

So at this very moment in time I should be either on my way to or waiting to go to my Fatherkins' house in Worcestershire for the week so I have arranged a post of the outfits I shall be taking with me. I will also like to apologise now as there will be a total of probably 0 posts while I am there because the supposed free 500mb of internet I am supposed to get on my phone does not work. There is a very small possibility that I will be able to use my Dad's wifi so small posts with crappy pictures is what you should expect.

This is what I am wearing today to go in, not all 3 tops at once but I will wear the pastel crop top and I'm just taking the other 2.
 Nirvana T-shirt - H&M, Floral midi skirt - Oxfam, Sex Pistols crop t-shirt - H&M, pastel crop top- Topshop. I will wear this with either my creepers or my doc martens 

Velvet peter pan collar dress- charity shop 

velvet and sheer dress- charity shop, I will most definitely have to wear this with tights because you can see my knickers through the sheer bits if I don't. 

This dress annoyed me a huge amount when I bought it because it is identical to a white one that had literally just bought from topshop but £17 cheeper.
grey skater dress - primark
I will wear this with a hoody (I wish I didn't love my hoodies so much)

This is not a very flattering photo of my dungarees at all.
Stripy jumper- H&M, Dunagrees - primark

one of my favourite outfits ever
Libertines t-shirt - primark (mens), floral skirt - Rokit. I will wear this with leggings because the skirt is incredibly short and I am not very ladylike and the two of those do not mix.

I am REALLY looking forward to wearing this outfit, I will probably wear this when I go to Stratford upon Avon where I plan to rain charity and antique shops and take pictures because it really is a beautiful place.
Shorts - DIY (remember these charity shop jeans?? - I also used the legs to make a bag which will be posted  soon if I ever finish it), coca-cola t-shirt - primark (men's)

And these are just some things that I am taking for 'just in case' meaning that I probably wont wear them but I want to take them anyway.
Jeans - H&M, dip dye jumper - zara, Ski Sweatshirt - urban outfitters,black sheer shirt (not a great photograph I know)- H&M

Luckily all of my outfits are suitable whatever the weather. If it rains I can wear tights and if it's warm (I really hope so) I don't have to wear tights. I may have jinxed good weather by taking my sunglasses as well. 

I will wear these outfits with either my creepers, purple or floral docs and either my brown backpack or basket type bag. 


  1. You have amazing dress sense! that velvet and sheer dress is so dreamy and that pastel crop top is so nice!!

  2. The velvet dress with the collar- WHWUEWHJGDHD


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