An Unexpected Journey

There is only one word to describe this past week and that is: HECTIC! Firstly I went to Chester on Friday 10th (earlier than I was originally going to go) and spent a few days there with my sister and we surprised her friends. We went into town and on a walk around the Chester walls. Here are some pictures.

A man juggling fire (more of this in the next post)
people watching

my sister, Laura 

me looking half asleep

Chester Race course

cheeky shot from behind of Laura and her friends

GROUP PHOTO (I'm not in it though)


Some of you observant readers may have noticed a reference to The Hobbit in my post title. I felt that it was relevant because we went to Chester earlier than expected and we have been watching a lot of LOTR and have been reading the hobbit while I have been away. If you've seen LOTR - return of the king, isn't it hilarious when Sam says to Frodo - "SHARE THE LOAD" in slow motion. I will shut up now. make sure you check out tomorrow's post - There and back again, with all things fringe/Edinburgh!! 


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