Firstly I am going to apologise for this terrible post as it is kind of pointless! Tonight I was supposed to be heading off with my friend to the Cropredy festival until Sunday. However my friend's Grandad, who was taking us, is injured and can't walk so we aren't going anymore.

Here is what I originally planned on taking with me (this is just one of my many lists):

Read more to see outfits I would have taken!!!!

Outfit 1

Jumper - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Topshop (I will also wear a belt because the shorts are too big)
Shoes- Doc Martens

Outfit 2

The Clash 'London calling' t-shirt - My Dad's (from Covent gardens I think)
Levi shorts- vintage

Outfit 3

Green Day '21st century breakdown' t-shirt - Green Day concert
Shorts - charity shop and DIY

Outfit 4
t-shirt - Me and Yu (Affleck's palace)
Shorts- Topshop

this photo is just to show you the print on the t-shirt. When I was deciding what to take I looked at this t-shirt and fell in love with it all over again.

Outfit 5

t-shirt - H&M
Shorts - charity shop and DIY

I am really sorry for this crappy post but I have nothing else to post!

Also quick news, as some of you observant people may have noticed, I have changed my blog name (not the URL) to 'Dolly Daydream' rather than just my name, hopefully this makes it a bit more interesting etc. and I hope you like my new header. I have a button to put on the side of my blog but I don't know how to do one of those text boxes to put the HTML in so you can put it on your blogs too!


  1. Ahh I love this post!
    Such a cute idea :)

  2. Aw I hope your friend's Grandad is ok. These were great looks x

  3. perfect festival outfits!! new follower bbz! your blog is cute as nails!!

    1. Thanks, I have followed you back, I love your style! xx

  4. I love you, THE ENGLISH and your style, hahaha. I choose the first and the second outfits (the second one it's like a duty because we're talking about THE CLASH).
    I think the Dr. Martens will help you a lot in a festival... (which is like MUD MUD MUD MUD MUD MUD and MUD).
    Enjoy music, festivals are the best of summer.
    Of course I follow u.
    A hug from Spain, Gloria ♥

    1. This comment made me smile! Thank you!! I have followed you back, your blog is so cute!! xx

  5. lovely bloggg!

    wanna follow each other?uuum?yes no?
    yours truly, L


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