DIY Collar Tips

I really like the collar tips trend and have wanted some for a while but have no idea where to get them from as I don't really do internet shopping. I saw some on Friday in topshop for a whopping £8 and thought I can do that myself for much cheaper. 

shirt - New Look £4.50 // Earrings used as collar tips - Topshop in a set 

I bought these earrings in a set a while back and are some of the only pairs from the set that I've not worn because they are a bit big and kind of hang (don't know how to explain it). All you do is put them through the collar as you would put them in your ears. It leaves like a tiny hole which I hope does not get bigger with time! 


  1. Such a cute idea, love the skulls! xx

  2. oh such a good idea! Im definatly going to try this.
    I looked for the collar tips in topshop too, why are they so expensive?! you can get them on ebay for around £2 x

    1. Thanks! I don't really do internet shopping but if I did I would buy literally everything off ebay! x

  3. great idea! xx

  4. This is a really good idea, so gonna do this to "grunge" up some of my shirts!


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