Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

As I mentioned in my last post I am going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival today. We had an early start because our train was at 5:45am (yikes). So I will be very tired. 
Here is what I took with me:
(WARNING: similar to my last post, I ended up taking completely different clothes then what is featured on the list )

(read more for outfits)

Outfit 1

this is what I'm going in, I want to be comfy on the 4 hour train journey so leggings and comfort are key!
NME t-shirt - primark 
Skirt - Rokit
Leggings - H&M

Outfit 2

I'm not 100% on Edinburgh weather so I'm having to guess
Sheer shirt - H&M
Leggings- H&M
Pentagram - antique church 
Crystal charm (on the same necklace as pentagram) - Urban Angel 
Quartz necklace - Tentative Decisions (won from therobyndiaries)
Other necklace - Matalan

Outfit 3
Dress - Charity shop
Necklace - Tentative Decisions (won in giveaway)

Outfit 4

coca-cola t-shirt - primark
levis- vintage

I will wear all of these with my red hoodie or a thick Edinburgh woollen mill jumper (depending on the weather) and my purple doc martens. I am also planning on taking my tie dye leggings which I have never made a post about (I'm not normally a leggings person)
When I get home I will get my photographs developed and post them (most of them anyway)

I hope these posts have been okay for you and not too boring! I wasn't sure what else I could post for while I'm away. 


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