Manchester Haul

On Thursday I got my results back and I am so happy! I got 3 A*s (RE, English Language and Maths), 5 A's (History, English literature, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and 2 B's (German which is getting re-marked and additional maths) and a D* in ICT. I really didn't expect these results and I'm so happy. 

Anyway lets get back to the point of this post. Yesterday I went to Manchester to go shopping mainly for clothes for starting sixth form in 10 days. My sixth form is quite strict with the dress code which is what I guess you could class as 'office wear' i.e skirts must touch the knee, tops must not have pictures or words on, no low cut tops, no boots with skirts and worst of all NO DOC MARTENS. I was mortified when it specifically said no docs. That's what I live in and with the recent damage to my creepers, what is a girl to do? Shopping.

Cutest shoes in the world - Topshop £30

cute socks to wear with cute shoes - Topshop £3.50
Rings (are you supposed to wear these on the same finger?) - New Look £2.99
collar necklace - Primark £4
hamsa hand necklace - New Look £4.99
Dress - Primark £13
Trousers- primark £14 (I think)
Jumper - Topshop £26
cut out t-shirt - new look £6.99
my hand looks weird, I'm holding my jumper up
Trousers - H&M £14.99
I will wear all of these to sixth form apart from the jewellery because we are only allowed to wear 'subtle' jewellery.

I also got nominated for the liebster award so look out for that post soon! 


  1. I love the Topshop shoes and frilly socks, the pearl collar and the hamsa hand necklace :)

  2. awww amazing! i love seeing hauls other people have got! i'm living precariously through this post!x

  3. Well done in your GCSE's :-) Adore the Topshop shoes, I had them on a wishlist a while back, do you think they look just as nice on as they do in the pictures? I'm addicted to buying pretty black shoes :') Some gorgeous buys!

    1. Thank you! They do look really nice on especially with cute dresses! They also have some ones with thicker soles and are a bit chunkier, definitely worth the buy though! x

  4. WOW amazing results! well done!! loveee the topshop shoes! x

    1. Thank you! Aren't they cutest shoes ever! x

  5. congrats with your results! Im starting sixth form soon too, and I relaly need to go shopping too for some shoes as pretty much only wear my docs atm! :(

    rebecca x

    1. Thanks! Isn't it difficult when you get told that you're not allowed to wear your favourite shoes? Good luck on shoe shopping! x

  6. Those shoes and socks are gorgeous! well done on your results :-)x


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