My week in photos

brew in pocahontas mug // new top knot floral thing // lists lists and more lists (13 in fact) // OOTD // sleepy Nancy // off to Chester OOTD // cute tesco muffins // post scheduling for next week // cute collar and cosy jumper 

This week has been so hectic, making lists to make sure I'm fully organised over the next few weeks and I have a bit of a panic when I couldn't find a bag big enough for my things! oh dear. 

I have never done on of these before and thought I never would as I don't have instagram (the android version wont download onto my phone) but I realised I have the pixlr app which is pretty much the same (I think). I hope you like this post and I might do more if you enjoyed this one (let me know). I did it to basically fill a gap as I have no decent clothes because I'm taking them all to cropredy, Edinburgh and Chester and I have minimal washing time. 

I would just like to mention that when any of you lovely followers and even non-followers comment on my posts I almost always reply back to you!

I posted an outfit on the 'Look What I'm wearing' section of Look Magazine's website. I would totally love it  if you could like it here for me 


  1. I love the flowery top knot thing, this is a lovely post :) xxx

    1. Thank you! It's from Matalan for £2.50!!!! xx

  2. awww your cat is adorable! lovely blog :)



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