There And Back Again

So basically I did take lots of photos when I went to Edinburgh but they were on a disposable camera so haven't been developed yet. However I did take some pictures on my phones so here they are!

Waiting at the train station at about 5am // Train ticket // pretty morning sky // Edinburgh Castle // Waiting for Alan Davies: Life is pain // A man with a mullet on a unicycle juggling knives and fire // pretty view of Edinburgh // park // on the train home

Some statistics from the trip:
  • 5 - the total number of trains we went on
  • 6 bus trips were made (£1.40 for a 1 hour bus ride - how good is that??)
  • 2 - the number of times we got lost
  • 4 - the number of shows we went to see
  • 2 things I could link to trainspotting: the use of the word 'bairns' instead of baby (read trainspotting if you don't understand) and we walked through Leith. 
  • 1 Scottish person drinking Irn Bru
  • 3 people juggling fire/knives/both
  • 1 scottish person called Scott (how coincidental)
  • 1 person who thought me and my sister were twins and then thought I was older when we said we weren't 
  • 1 cup of tea (I know, I was devastated too)
  • 5 hours spent in Waverly Gardens (I think that's what they were called) on Thursday
  • and
  • 63 leaflets given to me over the 4 days we were there including an eye patch
And these are the shows that we went to see:

Aberdeen v Glasgow V The World: This was like a mini live at the apollo in the sense that there was one main host who started the show and came on between acts. It was really good and so worth it to say it was free! (I gave a small donation though)


Adam Larter in Happy New Year: This was one of those shows that was a silly kind of funny, I think is the best way to put it. However the only problem was with this show is that there was a group of kids (about 13 year olds) from Venezuela and a random who kept heckling him and questioning his jokes, taking the fun out of it. They simply took it too seriously. Overall though he was really funny to say that his show plan had been messed up by rude members of the audience. My sister's friend did have wonderful input though when asked what makes a good new years eve party and she answered : "voldermort"


Tea With Terrorists: This was a comedy storytelling show where Sameena told us funny things that have happened to her throughout her life particularly in her home place, Kashmir, such as her Grandmother who frightened terrorists and another time where terrorists had tea in their porch. I really enjoyed this and it was being filmed while we watched it so it may be on youtube or something sometime soon.


  1. Aaah you went to Edinburgh! I'm going today.. cant wait to see these photos


    1. ooh I hope you have fun and I recommend all of these shows especially Tea With Terrorists, it was so good! The pictures will be up as soon as they're developed! xxx

  2. Aww, i'be just got back from edinburgh myself... We went as more of a sight-seeing trip than to the fringe but after wandering round and spending a lot of tine soaking up the atmosphere its definitely made me want to go back to do it properly!
    Kaz x

    1. you should, it's so much fun! I just advise that you take lots of money because even the free shows ask for donations and there is so much to see! I hope you had fun! x


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