Quick thought.

I was bored waiting for my bath to run so I took some webcam pictures which I literally haven't done since I got my camera (so since about March). I had a lot of fun taking these pictures...sad I know. 

Anyway this is just a quick list of things I need/want to buy:
  • Tripod - Argos £20
  • Cosmopolitan Eyebrow kit - Superdrug £6.99
  • Some kind of new lipstick
  • photo albums - £1 ASDA (I think)
  • True Blood season 4
So this has been the worst post ever on my blog but who cares


  1. This hasn't been your worst post!! You got to show off the military jacket again :) btw I've nominated you for a blog bug award! Have a look at the post I did to find out more :) xx

    1. aw thank you!!! that's so nice of you!! xx

  2. I need to buy an eyebrow kit too!



    1. they look so good but some are expensive so I thought this one will will be good for money!! xx


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