Velvet Army

forgot to crop this one..oops
Dress - Charity shop // Army Jacket - Stratford // Necklace - New Look // Shoes - Doc Martens (my auntie's old ones) 
Can you believe that when my auntie bought these doc martens they cost her £15 and now they are about £110!! It's ridiculous! Anyway I have found a new place for outfit photos, my living room! I like the fire place area as a background. 

Here are some shots of my living room because there are some really cool things in it.
Our fire place is full of photos, candles and brass antiques!
Our old camera collection that sit on top of the record player

The amazing dip dye candle that we refuse to light
(they don't fit in with the rest of the stuff but who cares!)
I know you will be hearing this off a lot of other bloggers too but I might not be posting much over the next few weeks because of sixth form. I either have lots of work or I'm just too tired to even think about posting anything. I will try and do weekend posts and maybe a post during the week if something interesting happens. 
Have a great weekend! xx
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  1. Love your outfit! I really want to get some Docs but as you say they are insanely expensive! Amazing that your Aunts only cost £15! :) x

    1. Thanks! She only got them that cheap because she got them literally years ago! I guess they are worth the money because they last for ages! xx

  2. Love your style! you've got a new follower :) x

  3. Awesome outfit! I'll be having trouble posting when I offically go back next week :( Hope it's all going good for you so far :D xx

    1. Thanks! I felt really bad for lacking in motivation to blog, I've been so tired! Good luck when for when you go back!! xx

  4. cool outfit! and love that candle :) x

    1. Thanks! The only thing is, it's too pretty to burn! x


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