Week In Photos #2

Jazzy jacket // the best £4.50 I have ever spend (company street style edit) // scarf-blanket when I was cold // FOTD (face of the day) // indoor sun bathing with Nancy // pretty folder for history // OOTD // cute shoe and sock combo // cute bracelet I made

I tried taking a photo a day this week which didn't really work and I think the first 4 are all from the same day! Oh well, I guess it goes to show what a boring week I've had! This 'week in photos' thing may become a weekly post from now on (as long as I take enough photos that is) because it's quite a good thing to fill gaps when I have nothing to post. 

Last night I broke my vow to myself and watched the X Factor! I promised myself not to watch any auditions because I find it unfair that they let bad contestants through the pre-celeb-judge auditions just so we can laugh at them. I can't even bare to imagine how they feel to see some of the things that are put on Twitter about them, it is pretty much bullying! 

Anyway rant over. I hope you've had a great weekend! xxx
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  1. I love the company street edit!xx

  2. The socks you're wearing in the bottom pix are so cute! I agree with you about contest shows like x factor, it's about to premiere here in the States and I'm pretty sure people are going to be all over it on Twitter...



    1. Thanks, they're from New Look I think!! x


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