Week In Photos #5

True Blood t-shirt // Cute new mug // hair dye // revising year 8 history // result of dip dye // new header // bought the wrong banners for my sister so I altered them á la Phoebe style ( from friends) //  OOTD (I'm wearing jeans!!!!!)
Just to expand on the 4th photo- I have started to help out with a year 8 history class as apart of our enrichment thing at school so I had to get my revision on so I didn't look stupid if I got asked questions. 
Sorry again for lack of posts this week. To give you an insight on how busy I am, I just spent 4 hours planning, sorting out and writing my history essay. I have to get an A in my assessments in October otherwise I have to carry on spending my frees doing extra work - no pressure or anything :( so yeah I'm stressing out a bit at the minute. 


  1. Love your hair so much! Sounds like a super busy week, but good luck with everything :)



  2. I'm sure you'll ace the history exam! Don't panic :) xx


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