Beauty School Dropout - Frankie Avalon

Jumper - Matalan // Sheer shirt (underneath) - H&M // Black Skirt - Miss Selfridge // cross hair clip - topshop

This is actually what I wore to sixth form yesterday, I just forgot to upload them. You will be seeing a lot of this jumper because I don't have many thick jumpers that I can actually wear to sixth form (we can't wear stuff with pictures and writing on). I am actually wearing a pencil/midi skirt in these pictures but you can't see it fully.

I don't have that much sixth form work to do this week which is obviously amazing. I will hopefully get it done in my guided study/free periods tomorrow. woohoo!


  1. love love love your clip!! xx

  2. Your hair clip is so cool! And I like your jumper very much. ^^

  3. Your hair clip is so cute!

    Lana, xo

  4. love your jumper and you hair clip, I wish the photos were a bit larger so we could love it muchhh more :)

  5. loveeeee your cross in your hair!!!!


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